Dish wash

description: A balanced green detergent with lemon fragranced, for cutlery wash Very gentle soap made with plant-derived ingridients that’s tough on dirt and grime.

Pine gel

thick green gel containing surfactant and pine oil with natural disinfectant properties for excellent all round universal cleaner. Works without producing excessive foam and is therefore easy to rinse off after cleaning . use pine gel undiluted on stubborn dirt to clean washable household items, for use on all morden household surfaces, cars, floors, walls, tiles ect…

Tile / Floor striper

High foaming liquid cleanser containing strong solvents . removes greases and tough stains on floor with fresh fragrance leaves your mopped area smelling fresh and clean . this anti bacterial liquid is safe to use on ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, laminate and natural sealed stone Dilution: Dilute 10-20ml per liter water(1-20%)

Multipurpose cleaner

General all purpose cleaner , works all around the house. Removes touch stains on floor , wood surfaces , windows , tiles and fabrics ect.. Multipurpose cleaner can be used on stoves to remove grease and dirt build ups Dilution: Dilute 10-20ml per liter water(1-20%) ingestion: give milk to drink , seek medical attention

Thick bleach

viscous, stain remover for toilet and showers , bathroom tabs, can be used on white fabrics and all around the house and Kitchen. Do not mix acid products. Do not pour directly on fabrics

Laundry liquid

High foaming liquid detergent containing strong solvents . removes greases and tough stains on clothes with fresh fragrance leaves your washing smelling fresh and clean, can be used on hand wash and auto machine wash.

Bubble bath

For luxurious bath time experience , this delightful foam bath enriched with vitamin E and PH balanced . the aroma calms and restores your mind and body . leaving skin feeling nourished with delicate scent.

Washing powder

laundry detergent Grade A premium washing powder that is hi/ low foam , bio –degradable and eco-friendly. Scented or non-scented .

Black dip

Liquid detergent for superior cleaning in and around the drains , refuse areas and compactors.


heavy duty cleaning: mix 1part concentrate with 5 parts water spray or mop onto area to be treated . Rinse with large water.

medium duty cleaning: mix 1 part concentrate with... More

Power force degreaser

High foaming liquid cleanser A redish liquid alkaline extra high foaming liquid cleanser containg strong solvents , grease cutters, emulsifiers and penetrantsfor effective oil and grease removal. It is economicaluse due to the high concentrated formula also free-rinsing and easily dispersed into foam for... More